April 4, 2023
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An overview of the audience and site features TikTok audience In this section. we will look at a typical TikTok user portrait and figure out what kind of business promotion on this social network is suitable for. TikTok can safely be calle a Generation Z app that was literally born and raise with smartphones in hand. Therefore. it is easy to guess that the main audience of the site is young people age to years old. with a large margin. of course. at the lower end of the range.

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In Russia in January TikTok showe the following results according to the source. million monthly active users. billion views per month. of the audience under the age of and age. female audience. minutes is the average time you use the app per day. This does not Great Britain Email List mean at all that it is impossible to find an older audience here. but it will be a minority there. This leads to the first and very preictable conclusion that will help you understand whether it is worth using TikTok for business. if the target audience of your product or service is people age. then TikTok is definitely for you. Of course. you will have to delve into the main TikTok trends and content features. but you can safely count on success.

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Since this application is the territory of the young generation. you nee to accept the rules of the game on it. otherwise promotion on TikTok does not bode well. We will talk about the main TikTok trends and what you can shoot there a little later. but BM Leads before reading further. answer two questions. Is the target audience of your business people under years old Are you ready to speak the same language with the target audience and adapt your content and presentation to the specifics of Tik Tok Those who answere Yes to both questions. feel free to move on.

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