April 3, 2023
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You can also leave a request below. In addition to Moscow. we provide this range of services and international SMS sending is available in other cities of Russia. For more advice. we recommend that you leave a request and give a call to a consultant. MTS spokesman D. Solodovnikov announce the release of his own messenger planne in the first months of . The new software will be base on RCS abbreviation. rich communication services. About million rubles have already been allocate for testing this service.

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Since the functionality of the novelty will be designe to make such operator services as fast data exchange and video conferencing more accessible. MTS expects to increase profits. including through content and advertising products. As it became Cayman Islands Email List known. within the network of MTS subscribers. content exchange and videoconferencing will be carrie out without charging any fee. D. Solodovnikov calls the companys desire to attract additional users from among the operators subscribers who have not yet starte using similar software from other manufacturers as one of the reasons for the release of the new messenger.

Country Email List

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The fact that the software developer and communication service provider will be MTS will be a sufficient guarantee of timely delivery of messages. as well as a certain level of quality of videoconferencing. MTS will release its own messenger The first batch BM Leads of new software will be implemente in the capital of Russia. The messenger will be installe both on MTS mobile devices and on smartphones manufacture by wellknown companies HTC. LG. Samsung. Sony. etc with representatives of which we are currently negotiating the preliminary installation of the RCS client on devices. Also. this application can be purchase on network resources with its subsequent installation on Android and iOS devices.

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