April 4, 2023
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These include sites where content is relate to the wellbeing of users. finance. health and meicine. online shopping. and legal topics. If your site belongs to the YMYL theme. then these factors will be especially important. picture Read also EAT factors in SEO. how to work with the site scoring algorithm Reputation nees to be constantly improve. Now this is an important ranking signal. If advertising on TV can be deceive. then artificial intelligence cannot be deceive.

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Therefore we recommend creating a true reputation about the company in the search Expertise In addition to providing interesting and engaging content. you nee to confirm its expertise. This is especially recommende by Google and EAT factors. For YMYLtheme sites. the presence of an author is a mandatory item. When creating content. try to Eritrea Email List involve experts in your field. If there are articles on the site. then the search engine must understand who their author is. Make a separate page for the expert. which will contain information about his experience. participation in conferences. seminars and present certificates. diplomas. diplomas. If I mention this expert on other sites and he also actively maintains his social networks. then this will be a plus for ranking your site.

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Google even has its own ways of determining authorship. As an example. in the guide for assessors. Google gives a recommendation in the meical fieldjpg Recommendation from the Google Assessor Guide In short. it says that meical content should be BM Leads create by a meical specialist. Write detaile articles with the involvement of professionals in their field. This will definitely be appreciate by the search engines Understanding and considering the intent of search queries In the SEO community. there is a separate term intent. These are the users intentions. what he has in his head when he enters a search query. Intent. in essence. is the nee that the user wants to solve when entering a query in the search bar.

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