April 3, 2023
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Discussions questionanswer reviews wishes delivery. Widgets that will act as a personalize call to action or notification of important information. Vkontakte widgets Menu is an update feature in VKontakte communities that makes it easier to navigate the community. menu Supplement publications with a picture photo gif or video. By the way video is the trend of . Users eyes are already blurre by the look of a static image it is worth grabbing their attention with dynamic meia. And in order for your community to be indexe by search engines you nee to optimize it for SEO.

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You can promote the VKontakte community both for free and for money. Free promotion of the VKontakte community SEO SEO is a way to promote communities without investing in advertising. It is much easier for the VKontakte community to get into the Yandex and Google search results than for the site. You can also move on highfrequency and Namibia Email List highly competitive requests. As we said earlier the name of the community must contain a keyword or phrase. It is worth paying special attention to mid and lowfrequency queries. They can be checke through the wordstat service . Takekeywords for one community.

Country Email List

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In SEO title and description are use by search robots to evaluate a page. Title is the name of your community containing a keyword or phrase. Descriptiondescription of the community. Try to fit incharacters the most important thing about your community using keywords. Also it will not be superfluous to write keywords in the page BM Leads address in the status in discussions and photo albums. Publish unique content with keywords but at the same time think about people not about robots that will promote you in the search engine. Readable highquality and engaging content will encourage users to subscribe and share posts. Picture Read also How to make your first advertisement on VKontakte from scratch.

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