February 28, 2024
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Composite resin: understand everything about it!

This article aims to resolve all your doubts about composite resin as a restorative material. The composite comes in a plasticine-like consistency, which allows it to be easily shape with spatulas and brushes. The polymerization or hardening of the material is done by halogen light and can run long enough to achieve the desire shape. Application is done in small increments of no more than 2mm so that they harden properly. The initial consistency of the material and direct application in increments means that, in many cases, it is not necessary to prepare the tooth after removing the cavities! Composite is a very aesthetic material.

What is composite resin?

Now, let’s understand what composite resins are. Composite resins are the materials most use in direct and indirect restorations, whether in anterior or posterior teeth. They have organic and inorganic components that determine their physical, mechanical Korea Telegram Number Data and optical strengths. Resin restorations are not an inert material, however they suffer degradation over time and will require periodic assessments to analyze possible infiltrations. Remember: it is up to the professional to use a good restoration technique and follow the protocols, following the type of resin, anatomy and finish, in order to preserve as much of the remaining tooth as possible.

When to use composite resin? Composite resins for anterior

Composite resins, also call aesthetic composites, are use for dental restorations in which an aesthetic result. And a very natural finish are require. The main advantage of aesthetic composites is that they can be polish to obtain a long-lasting high shine Australia Email List thus making them the most suitable in dentistry for previous aesthetic restorations. These composites allow the modification of the color, shape and size of the tooth without much wear. They are usually microparticle composites.

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