February 28, 2024
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Consumer rights in dental treatment: what are they? Understand!

Do you know your consumer rights regarding dental treatment ? In healthcare, consumer rights play a fundamental role, ensuring that patients receive appropriate, safe and transparent treatments. The relationship between dental professionals and patients is guided by a series of rules and regulations that aim to balance power between the parties, ensuring that patients are properly informed and protected when seeking care for their oral health.

What does the Dental Code of Ethics say?

The Dental Code of Ethics is a set of principles and standards that govern the conduct of dental professionals in the exercise of Netherlands Telegram Number Data their activities. It aims to establish ethical guidelines that guide the behavior of dentists in relation to patients , professional colleagues and society in general. Its principles are: Trustful relationship with patients. Professional secrecy. Technical competence. Respect for rules and regulations. Patient autonomy. Integrity and honesty. Valuing and preserving the image of the profession. Ethical advertising.

What is consumer law for dentistry?

In addition to the Code of Ethics that governs dental practice, dentists must also be aware of Consumer Law. Consumer Law is a set of rules and principles created to safeguard the interests and rights of people who purchase products or services. This approach Italy Email List aims to establish a balance in relationships between the parties involved. In the Brazilian context, the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) defines a consumer as any physical or legal individual who acquires or uses products or services as the final recipient. On the other hand, the supplier is the one who makes such products or services available on the market.

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