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Screenshot of the main page of Yandex. Metrica Screenshot of the Google Analytics homepage. Internal behavioral factors Internal PF actions of a user who has already come to the site. What actions the user performs inside the site and how long he lingers there speaks of the usefulness of the resource. Bounce rate Depending on the search engine bounce is either less than seconds spent by the user on the site or the absence of transitions to other internal pages.

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This indicator is tie to the nature of the resource and is sometimes not very informative. For example a onepager a priori cannot have internal transitions. But on classic sites a high bounce rate indicates content problems its irrelevance to the query unsuccessful design. For Yandex the average bounce rate is around –e. Screenshot of the bounce rate in Mexico Email List Yandex. Metrica Average time on site The longer the user stays on the site the higher the quality and relevance of the resource. In order for a person to linger you nee to attract his attention with something interesting and useful while not distracting from the main goal. Captivating but inappropriate content kills conversions. The principle the longer the better does not always work.

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If you nee quick help or service a minimum of seconds spent will be an advantage. Screenshot of the average time on site indicator in Yandex. Metrica View Depth The longer the user wanders inside the site the higher the ranking. Page transitions are IT Cell Number perceive by the algorithm as an indicator of the usefulness of the resource. Screenshot of the view depth indicator in Yandex. Metrica Unscrupulous webmasters try to artificially increase the browsing depth indicators complicating the site structure but this is fraught with an increase in bounces. Share of organic traffic A steady flow of users accessing a site through natural SERP links is rate by search engines as a good sign.

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