April 4, 2023
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Test My Site from Google And more PageSpee ​​Insights Googles PageSpee ​​Insights website loading spee analysis service There is a good thirdparty WebPageTest service that allows you to analyze the loading spee of not just the entire site. but each element of the page separatelypng Service for analyzing the download spee of individual elements of the Webpagetest page All tests point to problematic elements that take the most time to load and which should be optimize for the growth of the position in the search. Internal optimization What do we refer to this point Meta tags and H headings.

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With the help of this data. search engines understand what is on certain pages of the site and. thanks to this. select more relevant answers to the users query. Also. a wellwritten Description increases the clickability of the site in search resultspng Snippet example in search results To check the metadata. you can use the extension in Google SEO META in Dominica Email List CLICK png Checking metadata on the site picture Read also Page meta tags. a guide on how to write Title. Description and headings HH No broken links Getting to a page with a error is not pleasant for both users and search engines. Therefore. this nees to be monitore. Screaming Frog to the rescuepng Screaming Frog Website Checker Correct indexing of website pages by search engines It often happens that a different number of pages gets into the Yandex and Google indexes.

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This means the presence of garbage pages or the absence of the necessary product pages. You can track the number of pages using the PRCY service png Analysis of indexation in PRCY micro markup When a user sees a site in the search results. they already BM Leads begin to interact with it. That is why it is very important to prepare an extende snippet description under the link to the sitepng This is what the expande snippet looks like How to optimize a snippet You can study the description on the schema site and make the micromarkup so as to give the user as much useful information as possible. The presence of additional links in the snippet minimizes the number of steps to go to the desire answer.

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