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According to economist Alessandra Ribeiro in an interview with CNN , the low expectation of economic growth in 2022, combin with high inflation, could complicate the scenario for Brazilian workers, especially the unemploy. The forecast is one of uncertainty and a decrease in the pace of job creation. How to deal with changes in the job market? The picture gets worse when we talk about less favor groups. In general, people from the less affluent classes find it even more difficult to place themselves in the market.

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Either because of difficulty in accessing good opportunities or because they are consider less qualifi. As a result, these Liberia B2B List individuals end up  doing lower-paying jobs — which does not mean they are not prepar to develop or willing to grow professionally. According to a McKinsey survey conduct in 2021, it is estimat that most low-paid workers will ne to acquire new skills in order to get professional replacement or remain employ.

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On the other hand, the same study reveals an increase in vacancies in high-paying positions. Given this information, the scenario BM Leads becomes even clearer. There is a growing unemploy population looking for new skills and a large share of high-paying jobs waiting for good professionals. In that sense, companies that change their mindset to hire workers willing to grow will come out ahead. Even more so when it comes to filling the vacancies available — in addition to generating jobs that match the current reality in Brazil.

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