March 25, 2023
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The difference between keywords and search queries They are also calle keywords search queries or phrases. But these concepts are different. Keywords or keywords are phrases that SEO specialists. Use in the semantic core and are selecte using specialize services wordstat. yandex more details here. Where to collect queries for the site Bukvariks SEMRUSH etc. And search queries or phrases are words that. Users type in the search bar of search engines in order to get an answer to them.

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Yandex screenshot with search string and query. In general one keyword suggests several search queries. For example the keyword site creation includes site creation website creation create. A website website creation. Keywords and relevance According Dominica Email List to the composition of keywords in the text the search engine ranks the document. This is the basis of the internal optimization of the site in which a list of keywords is collecte. How to collect statistics on them which are groupe by features and distribute across the pages of the site. Relevance is the correspondence of the site page to the search query given by the search engine. It gives a list of pages to the users request that respond to the request and the higher the relevance of the page the higher the position.

Country Email List

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A sign of the relevance of the page to the users search query is the presence of a query in the text. To increase the relevance of the document the BM Leads keyword is place in the subtitle or title of the page. For more information about the relevance and optimization of the page for search queries see the link Promoting the page for queries . Types of keywords Keywords are divide according to features Degree of competition Frequency By user intent According to the activity of use. By competition they are divide into lowcompetitive NC meiumcompetitive SC highly competitive VC.

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