March 21, 2023
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In them the stability of clusters is ensure by autohealing of nodes and other automations. A reliable provider is good but its presence does not exclude the importance of improving the fault tolerance of the IT infrastructure on the client side. So you can put all critical services on one server and place it in a Tier III level data center. The computer room will stand to death but a failure can occur in the SSD drive and not necessarily through the fault of the provider. No Uptime Institute certification will save you. However even here the provider can help.

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For example provide the option of distributing services to multiple locations to improve fault tolerance. One server will fall the reserve will work. But for this the provider must be large enough. Selectel infrastructure is locate in two countries Russia and Uzbekistan in regions Moscow St. Petersburg Novosibirsk Tashkent in different accessibility Anguilla Email List zones. This allows Selectel customers to increase fault tolerance at one or more infrastructure layers at the regional level at the availability zone level at the pool level at the server rack level for deicate servers or virtualization host for cloud servers . The choice of level depends on the tasks capabilities of the company and requirements for fault tolerance.

Country Email List

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Consider each of them in order of decreasing distance between infrastructure elements. Regional Level Building a Disaster Resilient Infrastructure The concept of the region in Selectel coincides with the name of the real cities within which the companys data BM Leads centers or partner data centers are locate. Each region is completely isolate and autonomous. If a shutdown occurs in St. Petersburg everything will be calm in the Berzarina DC in Moscow. Despite the geographical remoteness the regions are interconnecte by high performance communication channels. This means that the distribute parts of the infrastructure will be able to communicate with each other with an acceptable latency. What does it give. High level of fault tolerance.

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