February 25, 2024
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Digital Asset Management

Magazines like Vogue and Allure have always had a very influential voice in fashion, luxury and cosmetics. They told us which brands, trends and names to pay attention to. However, with the advent of digital, customers are turning to many different sources for this same information. And the right digital asset management can make all the difference for businesses. Today media publications, both print and online, are under the enormous pressure of having to publish. More and more content and more and more often; all while having increasingly smaller budgets available. Not to mention the obligation to create content of international importance despite not having a global network. Journalists and editors need greater access to different types of content. Companies that want to seize this opportunity must listen and meet this need.

How can you improve your Digital Asset Management?

Correct digital asset management can become a tool for building Estonia Phone Number List first-rate. Relationships with publications and, consequently, for becoming the next successful brand. Give publications what they need: efficient digital asset management Let’s take a leap into the past, to when newspapers had the budget to take the individual images of the “10 best beauty products for Autumn” column in-house. The best photographers were selected and editors requested samples from companies. The possibilities were endless. Fast forward to today, we know that production budgets are shrinking and in-house photo shoots are only dedicated. The most important editorial sections such as covers or main features. Today, editors are looking for easily accessible digital assets to give an original and different touch to their daily columns. By allowing publications to easily access and download images of your latest collections. You can maximize your visibility in the media and generate brand awareness.

Estonia Phone Number List

Give publications what they need

Digital-assets Photo credit: Marie Claire Become Qatar Phone Number List every editor’s key contact. If we think of the most important luxury brands, we usually associate them with the main fashion capitals: New York, Paris, London and Milan. In today’s global scenario, however, new brands are popping up all over the world – Nathalie Trad ‘s day clutches from Dubai. The original designs of Danish designer Stine Goya or the famous Quay’s glasses from Australia. The result is that the media needs to broaden their coverage to also include trends coming from emerging markets. When it comes to reaching out to someone in these markets, though, editors don’t know exactly who to turn to for images or samples. With digital asset management that makes your content available on a site like GPS Radar you can also come into contact with editors outside your normal range of action and form new relationships that allow you to expand your network in the sector. Discover a new form of brand loyalty Everyone has their own bra

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