March 23, 2023
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An example of the cost of contextual advertising in Yandex on request for plastic windows in Moscow cost per click in Yandex Direct when advertising plastic windows The average rate forecast for the first place in Premium impressions is rubles. Before you increase your rates to get to the first places in this block you should clearly understand that the price of advertising in Yandex Direct should not excee the likely profit from purchases made by customers ordere services. Only in this case the costs will actually be compensate and multiplie.

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If preliminary planning shows that the desire profit cannot be achieve it is recommende to revise the strategy prefer other ways to promote the company. Features of pricing in Yandex Direct The CPC system in Yandex Direct is an auction system. This means that the final cost depends on the competition in this topic which is fixe on demand. The advertising Suriname Email List system in the process of determining the rate of hitting the require position takes into account The main parameters of your ads including CTR quality score and bid Similar parameters of publications place by competitors. At the same time if the assigne bids in the advertising campaigns of competitors are equal then the best position is occupie by ads with high quality parameters clicks on which are recorde more often.

Country Email List

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Representatives of the Yandex system say that the productivity parameter has nothing to do with the final selection of ads shown in a particular position. productivity indicator in the Yandex. Direct advertising campaign However if we consider BM Leads the quality indicator then it uses similar characteristics in the evaluation process Relevance to the search query Matching the landing page to the advertising text from the ondemand ad Accumulate statistics. It is also recommende to pay attention to the productivity indicator. This is a score from to which is reflecte in your personal account screenshot of account quality in Yandex Direct. It gives an assessment of how well configure advertising campaigns and ads.

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