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Precisely for this reason, it is important that HR find ways to diversify communication between the different generations present in the company, so that no one feels exclud and also so that all corporate messages are understood by all employees. For this to be possible, it is necessary to apply good communication techniques in the company, in a way that covers the different behavioral profiles that make up its teams. Find the drivers of each generation.

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One of the most efficient ways to connect with each generation present in your company is to understand what motivates these different profiles. HR will be able to identify these motivating factors bas on some points that each group Réunion B2B List considers elevant or impactful within their work environment, such as: Bonuses; Stability; Rest periods; Engagement; Sense of belonging. Bas on this survey, the HR team has greater control over the different types of strategies that can be adopt so that each group of professionals can be stimulat, contributing to a satisfactory individual performance.

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Identify the ideal place for employees As your HR team gains more knowlge about the profile of each generation that exists in BM Leads your company, the trend is that it becomes increasingly easier to identify the most suitable place for each team member. The employee’s age should not make a difference at this stage, as long as the positions held correspond to the level of qualification, aptitude and skills requir for the performance of such function. In addition to emotional intelligence characteristics, such as leadership spirit, ability to work in a team, self-control, etc.

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