Experience will bring the best in remote participation

It is necessary to go further. To change the scenario left by the post-pandemic economic crisis, the ideal is for workers to remain active in the labor market. This will happen through new relational dynamics and innovative ways of working. To help you and your company on this new path, we creat an article full of insights and reflections about the reality of the Brazilian job market. Keep reading! Lecture: Employer Branding: How your company’s health is in the hands of this strategy Name.

Real results that can be measured

By submitting your details on this form, you agree to our privacy notice . We respect your privacy and will not spam you! Receive Mali B2B List Free Stuff The challenges of the job market Moments of economic crisis bring a lot of instability to society, including with regard to the labor market. In this context, companies ne a major mindset shift. Instead of looking for professionals who are 100% ready to fill open positions, it is essential to generate opportunities for.

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Through the training platform itself

Growth and career development. It may seem complex, but it is not. There are several candidates who have a cultural fit with th e company, who are BM Leads willing to learn and have the energy to work. In this way, it is possible to recognize talent people and identify skills and competencies that can be develop throughout their journey in the company, encouraging the entry of new professionals into the job market. In addition, this dynamic means that HR can focus the selection processes on behavioral profiles and skills mapping . Thus, finding professionals who can grow together with the company.

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