February 28, 2024
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Typically, changing the  is one of the most important tasks to do to keep your vehicle running well. Oil changes are simple to perform, but what happens if there’s a mistake ? Can a simple oil change stop your car from running? If the vehicle’s  make s noise after changing the oil, it could probably be due to an application error (oil different from that specified by the manufacturer), incorrect amount of oil, use of low-quality lubricant or oil filter. Most engines will not run for long without lubricating oil, as it is vital for lubricating and helping to cool the engine’s internal components.

Applying the wrong lubricant

The wrong application of the lubricant can result in the engine having difficulty starting, or even not starting at all, especially in newer engines, which require very specific lubricants. Modern synthetic lubricants are complex liquids containing Canada Telegram Number Data a variety of additives that are design to protect engines against a variety of driving conditions. It is extremely important to use the correct oil specified by the manufacturer to prevent long-term damage from occurring. A very important part of the oil specification is viscosity, especially on a cold start, the first start of the day, or when the engine is cold.

Incorrect amount of engine oil

Incorrect amount If the correct amount of oil is not put into the engine, this can affect the oil pressure inside the and the car may not start. When the car is moving, oil is pump into the engine by the oil pump which is locate in or near the crankcase. In some Japan Telegram Number car models the ECU monitors the oil using two types of sensors, the oil pressure sensor and the oil level sensor. The level sensor is usually locate in the pan, and if it detects a low oil level, it can prevent the engine from starting. Likewise, the  pressure sensor tracks oil pressure as it is pump around the engine.

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