April 4, 2023
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If your Mesh is in a different place. move it to the right place with the mouse. rename FaceMesh Dont forget to rename FaceMesh so you dont get confuse. Its better to do this with everything you work with at once. Next we nee to add material. To do this. we nee the right toolbar. Find the item Material and click. Adding material Adding material On the left side we get this item. Rename the item on the left side And dont forget to rename And our chess mask is transforme.

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Checkerboard mask transformation Checkerboard mask transformation Now we nee to convert the mesh properties to antialiasing. We return to the menu on the right and change the Shader Type settings from Standart to Retouching. Retouching Adjusting Vanuatu Email List material properties with skin smoothing Basically. when creating simple masks. such types of materials are use as. Standard use for D models the material reflects light. has shadow and light. as well as volume. Flat most often use for face drawings the material does not reflect light. Retouching smoothing the skin and space.

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If we did everything right. then we will be able to adjust the intensity of smoothing. We recommend that you uncheck the FullScreen box so that the mask will only smooth the face. not the entire space. Also set the Skin Smoothing value to no more than so that the smoothing effect looks natural. Adjusting the AntiAliasing Effect Adjusting the AntiAliasing BM Leads Effect Step. Create a drawing on the mask Add another FaceMesh and name it Logo. Adding a Second Face Mesh Adding a Second Face Mesh Add a new material to the FaceMesh and give it the type Flat. Flat Adding new material Now we nee to add our drawing. Finally To do this. we rightclick on the material that we just adde.

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