March 21, 2023
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Despite the loss of flexibility in choosing a guarantee share of CPU you can quickly check the demand for such virtual machines. Which path did we choose and why. Eeeee we have decide to use the on the knee restriction. Why. Because first we neee to test the hypothesis of the value of the service to understand whether anyone really neee cheap servers with partial core capacity. In the development of the Selectel cloud platform we always try to find a balance between profit and labor costs. That is one could go crazy and make control groups stumbling on a couple of restrictions along the way.

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Make a patch to OpenStack Nova or set the require value of shares in flavor in advance. But all this would be irrational without confirmation of the demand for interest bearing instances from customers. We will do it and we will be great and the time spent on development will not pay off. Therefore at the moment percentage instances in Selectel are virtual machines running on hosts with a certain ratio of CPU vCPU. Visually it looks like in the picture Bhutan Email List By the way thanks to this solution Share Line has a tangible profit. In this option there is no explicit upper limit on CPU consumption. A virtual machine can consume at least of the CPU until there is a struggle for a resource. In the case when there is competition for resources everyone will be given the same amount of processor time but in no case less than the selecte performance percentage it is guarantee.

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Plans In general it is clear that there is interest in cheaper virtual machines. Share Line can now be rente in Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the way if you have any idea why this server is not suitable for you write in the comments In the future of course we BM Leads want to call on the use of control groups. Yes cpu shares and cpu cfs period us can be set in OpenStack with cpu cfs quota us out of the box. But for proper use you nee to either patch OpenStack Nova or otherwise adapt the solution. Switching to control groups will slightly lighten the architecture of the solution. So for example now we have separate hosts allocate under the Share Line.

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