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Rather high cost of the version with all options. Opportunities Segmento Target The service has many functions for flexible selection of audiences. The main ones are. Gathering the target audience get a list of IDs. Search for groups and or their contact information by. Keywords negative keywords places groups publics events number of subscribers geography. Community contacts administrators and moderators IDs by links or group IDs. Users by gender age date of birth geography interests status jobs position marital status and the presence of children.

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Members by links to communities Search for meeting participants by meeting links. Parents by gender age geography and age of children. On community walls by keywords geography period number of likes reposts and comments Search for a group with a similar theme and target audience by the list Saint Lucia Email List of users or a link to the original group. Search for friends andor followers of users by links or user IDs. Search for influencers couples and relatives from the original list of users. Gathering an active audience using likes reposts comments on user walls and posts in communities discussions photo albums etc. Collection of additional information.

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Collection of posts including advertising in communities and on the walls of users by key phrases. Collection of surveys and their participants. Of phone numbers Skype Twitter Instagrama id logins administere communities via links or user BM Leads IDs. Convert id to url and vice versa. Functions for processing the collecte basesubtraction elimination of duplicates merging cleaning from bots delete and deactivate users. Tools for analytics and filtering the collecte audience. Search for Instagram accounts in the database collecte in Vkontakte and vice versa. Monitor who joins monitore user groups. Automatic control of ad bids. The describe functions are applicable to Vkontakte.

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