March 21, 2023
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The causes of failures can be both ordinary a power outage in the area where the equipment is locate and problems with the network or emergency. For example DR prepares the service for earthquakes fires floods. Any events that seriously harm the data center with the companys infrastructure up to and including complete destruction. In fact Disaster Recovery implies a backup site for restoring a complete clone or part of the companys infrastructure. To qualify for the DR a site must → be geographically remove from the main one in this case the emergency that occurre in the first data center will not affect the second have good network connectivity with the location of the infrastructure.

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The higher the channel bandwidth the faster the data will get to the backup site . Ways to organize DR Disaster Recovery is a concept that can be implemente in many ways. Do it yourself on your own infrastructure on premises In this case capital expenditures the entire infrastructure will nee to be multiplie by two and downtime of the purchase equipment cannot be avoide. Also Disaster Recovery on your own is a complex project that requires Argentina Email List serious employee competencies. Therefore we will add to CAPEX the nee for highly qualifie DevOps NetOps specialists and infrastructure architects. Build Disaster Recovery on rente physical servers This can be done through a complete duplicate of the infrastructure in the concept of geo replication placement in another geographic location.

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Such an implementation however lacks flexibility organizing DR as well as making changes to the infrastructure will take more time. There is no flexibility in paying for backup infrastructure rent for at least a month. Deploy Disaster Recovery to the BM Leads cloud At the moment this is the most optimal and common scenario in the practice of companies. Cloud infrastructure is easier to build and scale. If a company uses Terraform or other IaC tools it can take a few minutes to set up a backup site. Also an obvious advantage is the pay as you go payment model payment for consume resources which is supporte by clouds.

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