February 28, 2024
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Finishing and Polishing

Finishing and polishing are the processes of removing imperfections from the surface of the plate, allowing the plate to have a smooth and shiny appearance. These processes are important to guarantee the comfort and aesthetics of the plate. Such as drills, sandpaper and brushes. Finishing consists of cutting off excess parts of the board, such as the supports that were use in 3D printing. Polishing is the assessment and leveling of board surfaces, removing marks from 3D printing layers. Finishing and polishing takes around 15 minutes to do, depending on the skill of the professional.

Final Adjustments

Check that the plate fits perfectly in the patient’s mouth, and make the necessary corrections. These processes are essential to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the board. Final adjustments are made with the patient present, who must Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data try the plate and report any discomfort or difficulty. The professional must observe whether the plate is well adapt to the teeth, whether there are no interferences in occlusion, whether there are no excesses or shortages of material, whether there are no irritations to the mucosa or soft tissues, among other aspects. This step may involve cutting, fraying, adding or gluing material to the board.

Delivery to the Patient

In this process, patient guidance must be provide, which is important to ensure the durability and hygiene of the plate. Delivery to the patient must include the following information. How to place and remove the mouth plate Singapore Email List Clean the plate after each use. How to store the plate in a suitable container How to avoid exposing the board to heat or sunlight.

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