April 4, 2023
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For Beginners Fromrubmonth Clevertarget

The visitor to your profile should understand where he got to. For this a biography is indicate a profile photo is put at least one post is laid out. The profile header should not contain add me or follow me with links to other social networks. Visibility in wide circles. In the Instagram view prominent profiles are those that appear frequently in search queries. The social network administration checks account mentions in news sources they do not include paid content and advertising. BLOCK Instagram warns you to remove your badge or account if the information you verify is found to be inaccurate.

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After reviewing the requirements and bringing the profile to the desire view you can also request a blue checkmark. To do this follow a few steps. Log in to your account. On your profile tab tap. Click on the Settings gear at the bottom. Then AccountRequest confirmation. Please fill out the form with correct information. You will also nee a photo of an identity Senegal Email List document. Instagram account verification form Instagram account verification form It remains only to wait and hope because even if all the conditions are met the badge may be denie. A second request is issue only afterdays. In contact with The VK administration confirms the pages of users and the community if they belong to a famous person artists public figures artists etc. a popular brand or company.

Country Email List

For Users And Cases Difficult Interface

The status of the official page is issue in case of emergency when the copycat pages no longer have an account. At the same time VKontakte offers to separately solve the problem with such pages without passing verificationyou nee to send a link to BM Leads support and perhaps they will come up with somethingpng Official page of the managing director of the VKontakte website Requirements for applying for verification. Fame. It implies popularity in other social networks and on sites constant mention in the meia. No spam offensive comments and profanity. The presence of a real name or a pseudonym that is known to the public.

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