April 3, 2023
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At the beginning of the winter of . the NSFR sent an official complaint to the FAS. It concerne the fact that tariffs for SMS messages increase significantly. and this happene just before the entry into force of Art part of the Legislative Act of the Russian Feeration No. F On the national payment system. which oblige banking structures to notify their customers of any processes that were carrie out with their bank cards. According to the law. informing was to be carrie out by email or SMS. In their defense. VimpelCom and MegaFon said they denie raising their rates. and MTS said that in the summer. SMS rates were reuce for legal entities by almost.

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The controversial topic of sending SMS information is still being discusse. But representatives of Json Partners Consulting assure that the dissatisfaction of banking institutions arose due to the fact that they use the services of cheaper black aggregators. and not official legal operators. Situation in the SMS market Grey and Black aggregators responde Georgia Email List to the blocking of their messages by introducing update algorithms for sending messages. which now use random number substitution instead of characteralphabetic or short numbers. The official aggregators themselves say that the measures they have taken have le to a significant reuction in the intensity of spam. As of . its decrease was recorde at the level of  compare to the fall.

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Vympecom reporte a fold reuction in spam SMS mailings. and during the management of the organization plans to bring this figure up to . MegaFon also notes the statistics of reucing SMS spam by Measures taken in the market of SMS informing lead to its recovery. In addition. the number of intermeiaries should be significantly reuce. which BM Leads will make it possible to increase the share of legitimate SMS aggregators. For information. the tariffs of foreign mobile aggregators for SMS mailing are much higher than in the Russian Feeration. The cost of sending SMS by the operator of any of the Big Three participants is times less than the price of the same message in the USA or Western Europe.

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