April 4, 2023
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Most often users react to highlighting information about prices. contacts. companies. Such an expande snippet significantly increases the likelihood of a visit to your site. increases the CTR on the SERP page. And this factor is now taken into account when ranking both Yandex and Google. picture Read also How to add microdata using Google Tag Manager. Trust and brand reputation The users trust in the site directly depends on the companys reputation and creibility in a particular area. First of all. you nee to work with reviews about the company.

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Search engines are increasingly moving sites with positive reviews to the TOP. They can be place both on external sites catalogues. directories. and in the Yandex. Directory and Google My Business services. We advise you to work very closely with the latter. as they show reviews about your site right on the search results page. paste image An example of reviews Equatorial Guinea Email List in Yandex. Directory on the issue page Example of reviews in Google My Business on the issuance page You nee to follow the reviews left and respond to them. If a negative appears. then competently work with it. minimizing the dissatisfaction of the client. Its no secret that positive reviews can be bought. but its not that simple. The artificial intelligence of search engines is able to distinguish real reviews from purchase ones. Previously. to assess the reputation of the company.

Country Email List

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Search engines could take into account mentions on the forums. Now it practically does not work. There are other criteria that nee to be emphasize. namely. mentioning the company on reputable news sites. mention by famous people. cooperation with BM Leads other companies. All this information will be available on the Internet. which means search engines will be able to give a quality assessment of your site. Its also worth mentioning the EAT factors in Google. This is a series of indicators that evaluate the expertise. creibility and creibility of the content on the site. For sites of different subjects. these factors have different weights. There is a category of YMYL sites Your Money or Your Life.

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