March 22, 2023
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Terminal Server Licensing To use the Windows Server OS and connect clients to the server it must have a license calle a CAL. Once licenses are receive and activate they are installe and store on the license server or Terminal Services Licensing Service. remote desktop service Conventionally there are three types of licenses per device per user and per connection. In the first case each thin client nees its own license but different users can connect from it. In the second you can connect to the server from an unlimite number of different devices. How to choose a terminal server To do this you nee to understand What applications and services will be use how much they consume resources.

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What OS do the apps run on. If the critical majority works only under Windows then you cannot choose Linux OS and solutions for it. How many employees will use. If we talk about cores then one user usually nees cores of . GHz each MB of RAM per terminal session. But much will depend on the nature of the users work one core may be enough for office Comoros Email List programs and three may not be enough for a team of developers who periodically run compilers. Are there plans to scale up. If so you should choose a base for the server in which you can put several processors and increase the RAM and the number of disks. What drives do you nee SATA HDD SAS HDD or SSD. Each system has its own read and write spee.

Country Email List

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Plus do not forget about fault tolerance and the choice of RAID. So if you choose RAID the size of the hard drives nees to be double. You can also lay a performance margin of for peak loads. How the Selectel infrastructure can help As a terminal you can BM Leads rent a deicate server with a ready made configuration . We have already assemble and teste dozens of configurations with different numbers of cores and drive types. You can get a ready made server with an installe OS within minutes after ordering. server selection If you have not found a suitable configuration you can rent a custom build server with the characteristics you nee. Arbitrary configurations are collecte from to days. All Selectel servers are hoste in Tier III level data centers.

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