April 3, 2023
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Feelword contest on Instagram src The mechanics of the contestfillword in Instagram. What is hidde in the photo. The contest is similar to the interactive VKontakte. Find an item in the photo. Open the desire photo in Photoshop or another. Graphic eitor and hide the object with a plate or blur. Publish a post with this picture and. Invite subscribers to guess what is hidde in the photo. The first person to guess the hidden object wins.

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Search for a hidden object on Instagram. src Hidden Object Contest on Instagram Search for a subject in a photo For such a competition you again nee Photoshop or another photo eitor. Your task is to place a small object on the finishe photo the task of Oman Email List subscribers is to find it. You can hide any number of items the main thing is to indicate their number in the task. Participants comments should look like this. mark a friendnumber of hidden objects. The prize is draw randomly among the participants. Find the Object Game on Instagram. src Find the Object game on Instagram the clue is a large brush in the bottom row on the left.

Country Email List

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Many words from one The rules of this Instagram prank are as follows. you nee to make as many words as possible using a certain set of letters. For example make as many words as possible from the letters in the word eleventh grader. The prize is drawn BM Leads randomly among the participants who came up with the most words Spot the differences How not to remember everyones favorite childrens game Find the Differences. Post a photo or picture that differs from each other in small details and ask your followers to find them. Users should write in the comments what differences they found. The prize is drawn randomly among the participants who found the most differences.

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