April 3, 2023
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How to draw up an agreement with Megafon. All subscribers of the operator are oblige to conclude a direct contract with him and make a monthly. Calculation corresponding to the tariffs for the generate volume of traffic. We position ourselves as an agent for efficient service and connection of subscribers or an operator. Through our service. SMS will be sent in the usual mode to any customers. Who have signe an agreement to connect to the operator. For the purpose of uninterrupte and efficient operation. All subscribers are require to provide their exact details when concluding an agreement before a clearly agree date.

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The decision of the current organizational issues and the conclusion of transactions with the mobile operator will be carrie out by the clients personal manager or our service center. Instructions for concluding an agreement with the Megafon operator . Get acquainte in detail with the offer and the features of the provision of the Mobile Guatemala Email List Informing service. carrie out by the mobile operator MegaFon Send a package of electronic copies of documents to the mail helppsms or to the address of your personal manager. including. — details of the company mandatory on letterhead — charter of the enterprise — OGRN certificate of registration — passport of the head or certificate of his passport data on a blue sheet. certifie by a seal — order to appoint the head.

Country Email List

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TIN power of attorney issue on signatory provide that the contract will be signe not by the head a letter of guarantee. made according to the template. for the use of senders names up to people Download the additional agreement regarding the Mobile Informing BM Leads service and the template of the agreement with the mobile operator itself. and then send them to your personal manager Draw up an application for connecting specific names of senders up to names. sign it and send it to your personal manager Send to your personal manager or to helppsms a scanne copy of the application on the nee to connect to the creit terms of settlements with the Megafon mobile operator After testing the connecte service.

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