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Develop career and communication plans for each generation It is essential to establish career plans and communication languages ​​that are suitable for different generations so that employees from more advanc generations, as well as younger employees, can live together in harmony. This type of strategy ensures that everyone is in compliance with the company’s organizational policies. Hire with more diversity Now that your HR team knows how to deal with the generation gap in the workplace, it’s time to hire with even more diversity.

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This ensures a fairer selection process, free of bias and much more profitable for the company. According to Getting to equal, carri out in 2019 by Accenture, more diverse teams are able to develop a culture of innovation Nigeria B2B List in the  company 6 times more.One of the ways to attract and engage candidates is to maintain genuine, constant and information-rich communication. The communication ruler is a tool that uses marketing concepts to create a relationship between recruiting companies and candidates.

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Do you want to better understand where to start building a communication strategy for candidates? So keep reading and we’ll help BM Leads you. What is a communication ruler? Communication ruler is a strategy that consists of. Creating interaction and relationship actions between the company and its customers and prospects . It’s a way to increase sales, strengthen the brand and engage consumers. It is call a ruler because a “line” of communication is drawn from the first contact until the prospect becomes a customer.

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