March 25, 2023
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The staff of the institution can easily and quickly help a person to enjoy life again. We offer a comprehensive promotion of the meical center contextual. Advertising screenshot of displaying contextual advertising ads in the. Yandex search engine. Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising that matches the context of the users. Search query that is it is shown in response to what he is looking for. In order for contextual advertising to work it is necessary to follow the establishe rules in each search engine.

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For Yandex the following is advisable Collect the maximum number of targete requests by specialists ENT neurologist peiatrician by the name of the service massage ultrasound xray meical book specialization neurology vaccination urology by Kiribati Email List common phrases meical clinics meical center meical center. The ad links to the page for the particular service or doctor that the user requeste in the query. Do not submit it to the general categories or to the main page of the site. Disable nontargete queries that contain negative keywords that are inappropriate for visitors. For example free state district rating vacancies regions and districts in which there is no institution.

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Target ads by location so that ads are shown to customers in the same region or geographic location as healthcare facilities. It is advisable to set up ad impressions by location show ads to those who are nearby In meicine advertising on YAN Yandex advertising BM Leads network and GMS Google Display Network is prohibite so impressions are set up only on SEARCH. Because of this the auctions are overheate it is reasonable to control the cost of the visitor to the site and the cost of the conversion so that advertising remains profitable. Conduct A B testing to find out which of the several propose PPC ads will perform better.

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