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This will allow you to encourage them to take advantage of your company’s offer or buy the products you offer. How to create a contact ad? Here’s a stepbystep guide To create a lead ad with a form, start in Ads Manager or your Facebook business page. Create a new ad campaign and select contact ads as the campaign type. Then, define your target group and advertising budget. After these steps, start creating advertising content select appropriate text, graphics or video that will attract users’ attention. The next step is to create an instant form. Fill it with the information you want to collect from potential customers this may be contact details such as name, surname, email address or telephone number.

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You can also add custom questions to help you better understand your audience’s interests and needs. However, please note that the information collectmust comply with Facebook’s Ad Policies. Once you’ve Colombia TG Number creatyour form, preview your ad and, if everything’s OK, launch your campaign. The data of the collectcontacts can later be downloadfrom the Advertising Manager, from the Facebook page, or integratwith the CRM system. Example of a form in a Facebook Ads contact ad. Perform AB tests AB testing is an extremely important tool in optimizing Facebook ads. They allow you to compare different versions of your ad and see which one delivers better results.

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Thanks to them, you can find out which advertising elements, such as the headline, image, text or CTA, have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. Learn some tips on how to run AB Colombia WhatsApp Number tests effectively Focus on one element of your ad that you want to test. This could be a headline, an image, or a call to action, for example. Thanks to this, he will know exactly which element brings better results. Create two different versions of your ad, differing only in the element you choose to test, so you can easily compare their performance.

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