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The user parser collects user IDs from VKontakte communities with your. Target audience including the active part of the audience. those who comment like etc. pros The service is free. Minuses The parser has onlyfunctionssearch for communities and users. Website. click Retarget logo Functionality. this free service allows you to find people who have left a post with a specific phrase in comments posts or discussions. This database can be save and use for retargeting on VKontakte. Link. retarget. targettraining Comparative table of parsers VKontakte Parser name Functional pros Minuses Price Segment target Search communities and users. Active audience of communities Collection of posts users by criteria Collection of contact information. Converter Working with bases Analytics Filters Monitoring Audience parsing insocial networks VKontakte Instagram and Odnoklassniki. Availability of a tariff plan forsocial networks.

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Availability of videos with practical cases from different niches Online access to the service you do not nee to download anything to use it No free plan Subscription autorenewal Complex service interface Fromrubmonth. Pepper Audience search User Search Post search Search for an active audience Analytics Additional functions. Audience parsing Russian Email List insocial networks VKontakte. Instagram Odnoklassniki Facebook. Free trial period fordays for joining the official group of the service you can get free access for a month Availability of video tutorials on working with the service. There is a free course on VKontakte targeting for beginners Facebook options are not include in any plan but must be purchase separately Limite functionality for parsing in Odnoklassniki Fromrubmonth Group search Group and user filter.

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Complete information about communities Search for group admins and post authors User Search Converter Collection of activities Search for Instagram accounts Search advertising posts Collection of contacts Additional functions. Parsing the audience insocial networksVKontakte and Odnoklassniki. There is a free plan with basic functionality. Detaile BM Leads description of how each script works Working with the audience in the browser on the site you do not nee to download anything to your computer. Outdate unfriendly design. Long audience gathering process in the browser window which can cause other tabs to freezerubmonth OKTarget. Community Search User Search Audience filter Search for target communities by save audience. Audience analysis Converter Spy of those who entere and left the communities Parsing the audience insocial networksVKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

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