April 3, 2023
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You can choose multiple winners from each categoryit all depends on the number of prizes. Mandatory conditions for the draw are to be subscribe to the VKontakte group and vote for a particular prize. You can determine the rest of the conditions at your discretion for example write a comment under the contest post. This method will increase not only the involvement of the audience in the community but also the loyalty of your customers since everyone receive exactly the gift they wante. Voting for the covete prize Voting for choosing a prize in the SimaMama community.

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Antiauction and auction The mechanics of the auction and antiauction may seem complicate but in fact the rules of such drawings are simple. you choose a lot for example any product or service indicate the initial cost and the bidding step. All subscribers Panama Email List have to do is raise or lower the price of the product in the comments until a winner is determine. Antiauction rules. Determine the initial cost of the goods and the bidding step usually it is taken atrubles. The participant in the comment indicates his bid which goes to reuce the price. Bets must not be repeate. A user whose comment remains the last for a certain amount of time such asorminutes will claim the prize at the price they entere.

Country Email List

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You cannot make several bets in a roweach bet must be separate by a comment from another user and go as a separate comment. If there is a failure in the betting chain the last digit before the failure is considere valid. For example if the chain is rubles BM Leads then the amount ofrubles is considere relevant. She nees to be beaten. If the chain still went wrong and the comments continue from the wrong amount then the winner will be the participant who wrote the last correct number before the failure. To make it easier to sum up you can mark every hundreth bet made in the correct order with a comment.

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