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You can, for example, measure the conversion rate in the recruitment funnel to understand if this number has improv as a result of communication efforts.Have you ever participat in a job interview in which the recruiter ask a question that made you uncomfortable or that did not seem to have the objective of analyzing your professional profile? If you’ve been through this, know that there are some questions that can’t be ask during an interview and maybe that was the case.

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To find out which questions cannot be ask and how to proce in this situation, read on! What questions should not be ask during the interview? Questions about sexual orientation, religion, political position, family matters, personal life Togo B2B List and even the zodiac sign can be a discriminatory factor. In addition to being questions normally us for discriminatory purposes, information about sex life, political party, health, religion or racial origin is consider sensitive data and is protect by the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) Therefore, any prejudic, discriminatory question or that goes against the LGPD should not be ask during the interview, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

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Examples of questions not to be ask: Do you intend to get pregnant? Have children? Who will look after your children while you BM Leads work? What is your sexual orientation? Do you take any prescription mication? Do you drink or smoke? However, there are positions that may require the recruiter to know some more sensitive information, such as, for example, if the selection process deals with an affirmative diversity vacancy or for people with disabilities.

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