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These are website optimization methods focuse on the philosophy and rules of search engines. The top should contain highquality useful and convenient sites that are relevant to the users request. This means that white tools work with the site itself. Its content structure usability code but do not affect. External ranking factors in any way do not manipulate the issue. Go to the white side of website promotion Quality content The basis of the basics of white. SEO is a comprehensive work on content.

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Useful unique articles that comprehensively disclose information on request. Texts without spam and clumsy insertion of keys. Different types of content articles tables infographics photo and video materials. Competent text formatting with division into paragraphs lists hierarchy of headings and subheadings. Correctly compose segmente semantic core Iraq Email List according to the subject of the site. A separate landing page is create for each group of requests. For example on the website of a roller shutter manufacturer each type of product has its own page with useful information on a specific request roller shutters for summer cottages verandas shops etc. Placement of important information on the main page of the site Cleverly designe photo and video materials title on the topic of the material complete title and alt attributes.

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Internal optimization The technical side of the site nees to be perfecte all the jambs that slow down the promotion should be fixe Switch to the secure HTTPS protocol. Write h title and description meta tags for each page Think over the structure of the BM Leads site with easy navigation Create a robots txt file to report information about the resource to search robots open access to CSS and. JavaScript files Check and fix broken and deadend links Optimize page loading spee. Make internal linking of pages by putting links to sections of the site Organize moving to a highquality domain and subdomain Make a digestible URL of internal pages by transliterating keywords Clean up HTML code Set up page caching.

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