March 22, 2023
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What is Request Frequency Frequency is the number of hits by users with. A specific phrase to the search engine per month. There are three categories base on popularity high frequency HF midfrequency MF low frequency LF. There are no exact numbers indicating belonging to one category or another the frequency. Depends too much on the niche season situation in the country and the world. In some areas hits is highfrequency in others it is a strong midrange and for superpopular topics it is lowfrequency.

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What is an LF request Lowfrequency queries are phrases with which users rarely turn to the search engine. In some niches this is less than impressions per month in some it is less than . Everything is relative here. The lowfrequency speaker Luxembourg Email List consists of several words where clarifying elements are adde to the main phrase address reviews brand model color etc. The user has studie the question and specifies the wording as much as possible in order to find what he nees. Compare examples of two HF and LF queries cast iron bath and cast iron bath of rock continental by . The first one is a highfrequency one with a phrase frequency of impressions per month.

Country Email List

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The second extremely narrows the search area. Only people entere it into the search line in a month everyone knew exactly what they wante and clearly articulate their nee. Most likely these people bought the desire bath on sites from the top five search BM Leads engine results. Wordstat screenshot with lowfrequency query Benefits of woofers At first glance it seems that lowfrequency queries are not suitable for promotion they bring too few visitors to the site. But as they say a small fish is better than a big cockroach and many different basses are better than one highfrequency key with huge competition.

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