February 25, 2024
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Home automation is not the future, it is the present

Change the channel with your mobile phone. Receive a notification on your smartphone when you have left the refrigerator open or be able to turn on the heating before arriving home. None of this is science fiction. The Spanish Association of Home Automation.  for the  good side and  is the most value of money how to want. so  its better then everybody and good for health. so gone and live use your so never then you can your  leave me. and should by never go one.  just listen and coming this things. so you can learn this good way.

How will home automation help you?

The key is to use resources better. The lighting in your house, the air conditioning, the hot water, each of the appliances… In the end all these things cost you money in the form of electricity and gas bills . What can you do to enjoy the same and pay less Spain Phone Number Data Being efficient. This is where technology comes in: for example, scheduling washing machines and dishwashers to turn on during the hours when electricity is cheapest ( or even during the hours when electricity is free ). In addition to savings and efficiency, home automation can help you control your home from a distance (for example if you go on vacation). They can simulate movement, randomly turning lights and appliances on and off.

How much does home automation cost?


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It is not possible to set a price for a home automation solution that provides intelligence to your home. Everything will depend on how far you want to go and what your current situation is. Currently there is a huge variety of brands competing to Iran Phone Number List position themselves in this area, so offers are the order of the day. If we think of a house with 8 smart elements (lights, thermostats, locks…) we would be talking about between 250 and 1,800 euros , depending on the range and features of the gadgets. This would be without taking into account the price of the virtual assistant we chose, and without paying higher amounts for smart appliances (such as the refrigerator that connects to the Internet and notifies you when the milk runs out).


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