August 14, 2023
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Therefore, ensure that training against harassment in your company is provid by specialists in the subject, to ensure assertive and quality content. 3. Check the quality of training If you choose a platform that provides ready-made courses on the subject, curate the content and have a team that also evaluates them to ensure the quality and depth of the training. 4. Analyze if the language is adequate Another essential point is the language us to transmit.

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The training message, it is necessary to know how to use an appropriate language so that the content becomes didactic, use the correct legal terms, in addition to several other precautions. 5. Benchmark Benchmarking is nothing Malaysia B2B List more than a study of your company’s competitors. Seek not only to understand what competitors are doing in relation to harassment training, but also be sure to check how companies in other segments are also implementing it.

B2B Email List

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Look for strategies to engage employees in training Engagement is important in all types of training, but due to the relevance of the topic, engagement in this case is even more necessary. Not only for employees to pay attention BM Leads to what is being transmitt, but also to better absorb the content. Now that you understand the relevance of this topic, its impacts on society and how to apply it in your company, put it into practice in your organization and help fight harassment in the workplace. epartment 8 minutes of reading Article index What is Payroll? How important is payroll? Why do you ne to do payroll calculations correctly? What does the payroll law say? How are payroll charges calculat.

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