October 11, 2023
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How am I going to increase the turnover of my new store through bootstrapping

How am I going to increase the turnover of my new.  As things look, the turnover in 11 months of the new collecting project will amount to about 75,000 euros (without VAT, obviously). December still looks like it will be a strong month since we have sent a large part of the inventory to Amazon, which ensures we have sales in Europe until the last moment. bootstrappingAdobe Stock Photo Rights Starting on the 24th, sales will probably fall by 30-40% because Spain will be the .


More products generate more sales How am I going to

How am I going to increase the turnover of my new.  One of the big problems that an online store faces is having a wide variety of products. The more variety you have, the executive data more sales you can potentially generate . Aside from having the ability to create an up-to-date catalog with tens of thousands of products, you have the even bigger problem of investment. A solution may offer the dropshipping model . In my case I move in the world of collecting so unfortunately that option is ruled out.  expand the catalog considerably.


A simple way to expand your catalog new store through bootstrapping

It is clear that at first I will have many products without BM Leads inventory in waiting mode to receive products from customers. Instead of losing liquidity, what I do is exchange one product for another. “But isn’t this just stock rotation that contributes nothing?” Good question, thanks for asking me.There is something else behind it that I mentioned above. 

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