February 25, 2024
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How many to euros does it cost to take a shower?

How much money does each shower you take cost you? What expenses do you generate when installing the microwave? Your life is based on simple activities in which you consume energy, and all of them have an impact on your pocketbook. The routine is built by putting together an endless number of small actions that you do almost with your eyes closed. Getting up, washing yourself, eating, doing laundry… Even to relax, you need to do something. Apparently, in neither of these situations are you buying. You are not in a store; you do not see the seller, nor do you clearly identify the product. And more importantly, you don’t see the price. But in reality, most of these activities cost you money. How much money.

A shower: 15 cents

If you have an electric heater, a 10-minute shower can cost around 0.15 euros. As a reference, we have taken the average power of this type of heater. However, every time you shower, you should not think about what you are spending. You areĀ  UAE Phone Number Data actually saving since a shower is cheaper (and more environmentally responsible) than filling the bathtub. Remember to regulate the water temperature between 30 oC and 35 oC to find the perfect balance between a pleasant shower and a controlled bill. Drying your hair: 2 cents If you have a hard time showing off your hair (ask bald people), blame it on the hairdresser or the price of the shampoo, since keeping it dry is one of the cheapest routines of your life.


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Watch your favorite series on TV: 13 cents

You have a 40′ LED television, and your series lasts about 50 minutes. Do you know how much it costs you to watch your favorite series? 0.13 euros. We remind you that having the television on standby represents consumption. And also, having New Zealand Phone Number List the television and other associated small appliances (decoder, speakers, etc.) centralized on a power strip makes your life a lot easier when it comes to turning them off and avoiding that phantom consumption. Doing laundry: 40 cents The cost of washing clothes depends greatly on the washing program you choose. But if we take as a reference a washing machine with a power of 2 kW and an ecologically responsible program lasting 1 hour, the estimated cost of doing the laundry is 0.40 euros.

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