April 4, 2023
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How To Evaluate The Effectiveness

Number of group members The increase in participants indicates the effectiveness of content. Advertising campaigns and the right strategy for the development of the community as a whole. Of course. subscribers can be cheate. but such actions are easy to calculate. For example. the AntiDogs service allows you to check the number of blocke users in any group or public on VKontakte. At the same time. it is worth comparing the geography. age and other important data of new subscribers with portraits of the target audiencejpg The dynamics of participants in the Vkontakte group of the Internet agency Web Center.

On Facebook Finetune Your Publication

The number of views of the publication To analyze the number of views of publications. a summary indicator is more often use. the number of views on all community posts for a certain period for example. a month. You can see the number of views under each entryjpg The number of views of the publication How we promote the website of the dental clinic Sudan Email List in the TOP search engines But it must be taken into account that views on social networks are not unique. If one person opens the post times. then the social network will show views Coverage Reach shows the number of people who have viewe a community post at least once. Social networks are taken into account when calculating the coverage of only unique users. This is the difference with the number of views.

Country Email List

Proper Audience Setting For Advertising

There are types of coverage. OrganicNatural Reach – Number of impressions to community subscribers. PaidAd Reach – The number of impressions receive through a paid promotion. Viral reach the number of impressions to those who are not subscribe to BM Leads the community. That is. impressions receive thanks to reposts. You can view the coverage by going to the group statistics → the Reach sectionjpg Community statistics Vkontakte «Marketing and sales on the Internet Web Center. audience coverage dynamics. Indicators for assessing feeback from the audience These are indicators that reflect the various reactions of users.

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