April 4, 2023
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Tasks is a tariff for working with tasks in a small team of up to people and GB in the cloud. This option is suitable for companies that manage projects. Work on tasks using different methods. use scrum. kanban. monitor deadlines and control the quality of work. Team GB of space in the cloud and an extende set of features. For meiumsize companies. where they monitor the payback of advertising. they set tasks between departments. Company unlimite space in the cloud and maximum functions of Bitrix. Suitable for large companies.

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How much free space is in your Bitrix Only the portal administrator can see information about the amount of total cloud space and free space. To do this. in the left menu of Bitrix go to the My tariff tab it can be hidden on the More tab. By default. the Catalan Email List My Bitrix tab will open. in which the necessary information is locate. In this section you can find out.Total space is available on your plan. How much is occupie by the database. tasks of employees. Base CRM letters attache to CRM. events in calendars all this without taking into account the filesdocuments attache to these entities. Is busy with others calls records and all files that you upload to BitrixDisk to the Fee. Send in messages. attach in letters attach to crm.

Country Email List

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Information about the amount of usefree disk space is update once a day. By the way. on the same page of the portal you can activate the promotional code from the Web Center webcgbvob l for GB of additional space in the cloud for year. so as not to face this problem for as long as possible. How to see what is taking up space on the Bitrix disk Go BM Leads to the tab Disk → Clean up space in the left menu of the portal. Click the Start Scan button to see the disk space usefree space report. When the scan is complete. you will be taken to a page with statistics on the occupie space. If you do not have portal administrator rights. then only information about your disk will be displaye. The administrator can see information in general on the portal and all employees.

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