February 11, 2024
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However, it appears that

Innovative ideas emerged from. The 17th century onwards, strengthening. The format of this teaching model. Which adopts perspectives opposed to. What was basic school process. In this scenario. Some views and theories will be presented that encourage and guide the teaching and. Learning process through play. According to  (2011) an education professional and czech protestant bishop, in his work “a escola da infância. Which was publish in 1628. Argued that the beginning of learning takes place in the mother’s lap and that it should. Be promot within their homes. Therefore, in 1637, he created a nursery school plan, which guided the use of tools, such as books and pictures, in order to educate children in their early stages. According to oliveira (2011. Comênio stated that. The cultivation of studies and imagination. Did not require the development. Of the child’s rational side.

Sensory impressions arising

From the experience of handling objects would be. Internalized and interpretin the future by reason. Also exploring the world through play was seen as a form. Of education through the senses. Hence his defense of Argentina Phone Number Database a well-designed program, with good material resources and good. Rationalization of school time and space, as a guarantee of the good “art of teaching”, and the idea that. Children were given the opportunity to learn things, within a field of knowledge (oliveira, 2011, p. 37). According to carneiro (2012), this leads us to. Believe that the use of materials and instruments of pedagogical methodologies such as paintings. Various practices, tours and other recreational activities should be part of the teaching methods. Being applied and taught depending on the age and adherence of students. Encouraging the development of abstract practices.

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Stimulating interaction and

Oral forms of expression. In line with this movement, pestalozziano reacted against excessive intellectualism in education and argued that it should be based on principles such as. Kindness, love and family. He also maintained that the action of educating represents benevolence and love, and should take care of the emotional development of Cambodia Phone Number List children from birth. Therefore, this must be carried out in a space that represents naturalness, as well as discipline applied and taught through methods. That do not imply the absence of love. Furthermore. Children must be allowed to manifest their actions and express themselves, since having their autonomy. Respected contributes to the development of children’s character. The author also highlights that the benefits arising. From manual activities are important as the child becomes capable of. Practical performance (teixeira, 1995).

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