April 3, 2023
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Attracting new consumers with the help of our client base. Organization of feeback. the ability to send notifications on behalf of your company. Low rates and payment only for delivere messages. We carry out advertising and service SMS mailings to your customer base or to the base of mobile operators. The latter makes it possible to expand the target audience and target it according to the categories you nee. The company is loyal to its customers. after registration you will find pleasant discounts and bonuses. The service has a convenient and functional personal account.

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Which allows you to send mailings quickly and efficiently. We work through direct channels and send SMS from the operator. which guarantees the quality of the services provide. Our activity is focuse on providing communication of the customer with Antigua and Barbuda Email List the consumers. If you nee additional advice. please contact the technical support service. which is available around the clock. There are many marketing channels for attracting customers. and each has its own cost of attracting a customer. Sending SMS messages to mobile phones of potential consumers is profitable and affordable for both startups and large businesses. This type of advertising expands the field of business activity and it becomes easier to attract new customers. Mass mailing of notifications in is not inferior in terms of performance to advertising on the Internet or in the meia.

Country Email List

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The PSMS service is the most affordable way to send messages to subscribers of mobile operators. In order to use our services. you must. Register. Go to your personal account and upload the numbers of recipients. Go to the section for sending messages and start sending. Choosing our service. you get a number of advantages. Favorable rates. In BM Leads addition. we provide many different discounts and promotional programs. Already after registration. pleasant bonuses and offers await you. Direct connection to all mobile operators. Group subscribers into convenient categories. and also postpone the mailing list for a specific time and date. Insert clickable links in a text message. The majority of modern subscribers use smartphones and can. if desire. immeiately get to your site. Guarantee delivery of notifications to all operating numbers.

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