March 22, 2023
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At the heart of UX and UI design are the basic requirements for the interface. Clear structure the user understands what and why he is doing. Concise form the screen is not overloade with an abundance of details. Recognizability of elements the purpose of each button or icon is intuitive. Responsiveness an instant response of elements to the impact a person understands what is happening now what process is running. Stability all interface elements behave in the same way on different sections of the site or application. Aesthetics the visual perception of the product should be enjoyable. Minimum effort the user solves his problems without a hitch interacting with the product interface. Caring for a person the user should have. The right to make a mistake and a painless way to correct it.

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UI designer tools and skills Skills and programs for UX UI design overlap but an interface. Designer must be proficient in graphic eitors at an advance level understand typography composition and color compatibility. Working with color ColorHexa detaile Latvia Email List palette modeling Paletton building color schemes Flat UI Color selection of colors for the Flat style. Screenshot of Flat UI Color service Typography Google fonts is a free service for working with fonts Typekit extensive font library subscription require Fontjoy is a tool for selecting and comparing matching fonts.

Country Email List

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Screenshot of Fontjoy service Icons Icons constantly growing library of icons Free Icon Maker drawing and eiting icons online IconJar custom icon library organizer Flaticon is a website for free and paid icon packs with the ability to create seamless patterns. Screenshot of Flaticon service Where UX and UI are use in Digital User Experience and User BM Leads Interface became the main tools for working on the interfaces of sites services mobile applications in the late s when it became clear that the basic characteristics of any digital product should be functionality and convenience. To understand how UX differs from UI it is enough to imagine the whole process of working on the design of a digital product. UI is one of the stages just a tool that helps visualize the ideas of a UX designer.

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