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Just register on the PSMS service. the test balance is already waiting for you in your personal account. Many do not know. but sending advertising SMS in large volumes is an administrative offense. But only in the case when the author of the messages does not have the consent of the subscribers to receive them. Learn how to send SMS legally in this article. SMS mailing according to the law In law As such. there is no law prohibiting the dissemination of information via SMS. However. it is necessary to remember some restrictions impose by regulatory legal acts.

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According to FZ On Advertising. the distribution of advertising information via SMS is allowe only with the written consent of the subscriber. In addition. according to the same law. the distribution must be immeiately stoppe at the first request of the Bahrain Email List subscriber. § The current eition of of the Feeral Law On Communications Article . clause states that mailing can be carrie out only if prior consent is receive from the subscriber. Consent must be obtaine through an act that identifies the subscribers identity and capacity. In § paragraph of Art of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Feeration states that in the absence of prior consent from the subscriber.

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The company distributing SMS runs the risk of receiving a fine of up to . rubles. How to get consent from a subscriber. It is important to remember that in case of a complaint from a subscriber about unauthorize mailing. all responsibility lies BM Leads with the sender. That is. the operator and the sending company do not bear any responsibility for such incidents. So. for example. if the Romashka company distributes SMS on its own behalf through the PSMS service to Megafon numbers. the responsibility for the distribution falls on the shoulders of the Romashka company. Therefore. in order to avoid conflicts. we recommend that you obtain consent.

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