March 22, 2023
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It is popular with customers due to its combination of availability and performance so these servers are rarely available. Who chooses these servers As we have already found out the lower price is due to the lack of a number of additional functions for components other requirements for the reliability and functionality of servers. Clients take this into account when choosing infrastructure. The results of the customizations show that users rent Chipcore for test and game servers geo distribute clusters small personal VPNs VPS private VDI small site web servers and similar tasks.

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The main thing is that the client receives a separate secure server the resources of which do not nee to be share with other users. Adding value to these machines is API access and ease of deployment hundres of machines can be ordere at one time and ready Guyana Email List to go within an hour. Chipcore also provides solutions for more specific tasks there are servers on M processors for iOS development and even on raspberries which we have already written about more than once. That is why deicate servers even with desktop affordable hardware find a considerable number of clients.

Country Email List

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By the way from February servers of arbitrary configuration can also be assemble with desktop processors limitations are due only to the compatibility of the equipment with each other . Previously the service was available only with server CPUs but BM Leads at the request of customers we expande the horizon of the assembly. Now you can get your productive and cheaper server in days the norm for custom users without an installation payment. An important addition a server of arbitrary configuration can be upgrade during operation add memory disks order additional services. Or for example throw in GPUs including RTX A pc server RTX A and RTX A pc server . You can try to build your own server even now in the Chipcore server configurator. Registration in the Selectel control panel is not require for this.

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