November 6, 2023
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In line with what is most popular among

In line with what is most Return to index cut-budget-marketing-risks- The “surgical cut” method The “surgical cut” method is when you use advanc data analysis that includes delay effects (or also call time-lag), such as the Marketing Mix Model (MMM) or the Automat Marketing Mix Model (MMMA). It is certainly the data-driven marketing method par excellence. With this type of analysis, which is not bas on cookie tracking but on mathematical models and more consistent data, it is possible to understand which marketing activities are really driving sales and with what delays over time.

How and where to change

With this information you can make changes or optimize. The marketing mix , in order to modify the activities that have the lowest correlation. With sales, ruce waste in the budget, instead increasing those activities. That show a high correlation with sales and with a curve that indicates a margin for growth. If you are sitting right now thinking about your marketing and advertising budget, or what you can do in the short term to avoid web designs and development service disastrous results, in a Marketing Mix Model. This way you will have the certainty of settling your budget today and in the future where this does not affect short or long-term sales.

The right path is definitely to invest

Coronavirus-marketing-sales-digital-transformation In conclusion. The global pandemic that is making its way will impose a further cost to be paid in terms of growth and jobs in a context already full of uncertainties due to the many commercial frictions, digital transformation processes or the accelerat change of business models of businesses. It is a complex scenario that is affecting from large BM Leads technology platforms to small startups and everyone will now have to move trying not to make the next move wrong and keeping the rudder in the right direction. In this scenario, the ability of marketing areas to combine profitability and responsibility is at the center of attention.

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