March 22, 2023
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Cloud databases allow you to exclude work with the infrastructure. You can raise the require number of nodes in a few minutes in the companys control panel. The solution is fault tolerant and easily scalable. In an emergency backup copies are create to roll back the state of the database for up to seven days. Most of the routine system administration operations setup configuration maintenance and security are performe by Selectel specialists.

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How to get starte with cloud databases. Run your database in the cloud Rapid deployment of the most popular relational and NoSQl databases. More Conclusion In this article we have considere types of databases. Each has its own characteristics and limitations. The decision to choose one or another type must be made. Taking into account the Finland Email List complexity of the store data and the relationships between them performance of read write operations and modification of the database structure on the planne amount of data development team experience stages of the life cycle of the product being develope whether you are refining an existing solution or creating something fundamentally new what are your current and future resource opportunities.

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Today is International Backup Day. An occasion to remember what mistakes in setting up and storing backups cemente your nerve cells and remaine forever in the form of an elusive severity of experience in the eyes. In honor of the holiday we propose to play BM Leads the game It was wasnt. With the help of Selectel clients who have enable automatic scheule backups we have describe the best practices and jambs when working with backups. Which of them have you met in your career Instructive stories in the comments are welcome Create detaile documentation on backups A worthy approach approve by hundres of admins sleeping soundly at night.

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