March 22, 2023
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In The Future The Scheule Backup

The technology is actively use in the construction of analytical systems and services that work with large amounts of data. Speaker bases The figure shows an example of columnar storage of information about fruits. There are three types of fruits apples grapes bananas. All of them are unite in the fruit family. Each fruit has its own set of properties. For apples these are color price and availability.

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For grapes these are color price number of berries in a bunch and origin importe or not . For bananas this is color price number in a bunch and maturity. To get a detaile summary of one type of fruit it is enough to specify its identifier in the request. At the Estonia Email List same time it is possible to build an analytical query base on features common to the entire family for example count the number of fruits groupe by color calculate the average price for all fruits in a store etc. Peculiarities With properties groupe by columns a smaller amount of data is indexe during a query which ensures high spee of its execution.

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Wide possibilities for scaling and modifying the structure so when adding new columns you do not have to rigidly formalize them as is the case with relational databases. Examples Cassandra HBase ClickHouse. Time series databases This type of database BM Leads can be use when it is necessary to track historical dynamics for a number of indicators. Here the data is groupe by timestamps. Time series databases are more often focuse on recording than on building complex analytical queries. time series database The figure above shows an example of using such a database to track the state of a PC over time by a number of indicators processor temperature system load and RAM consumption. Features A constant stream of input data can be processe.

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