April 3, 2023
B2B Email List

In The Personal Account To Connect

Message preview button The function will provide an opportunity to understand how the text will look if variables are use. For example. Message preview button . Prefixes and operator definitions This item has change dramatically. There are now a lot of new operators in the system which will allow much more accurate work with billing and base filtering as well as improve the identification of transferre numbers and practically eliminate cases of incorrect identification of operators. Please note that now the Iota operator is calle Scartel Time zone When scheuling a mailing list the time zone is now specifie in order to avoid unnecessary confusion when scheuling a mailing list.

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Good day this is PSMS Bulk messaging is the best way to inform customers about promotions. discounts and company news. Today we will talk about the process of creating sms mailing. using the Viber channel. as well as integration via API. How to start SMS mailing By going to your personal account. you will see a window for creating a mailing list. You B2B Email List can use the standard communication channel SMS or use the mailing list in the Viber messenger. Distribution to mobile numbers. The first thing that is neee is to decide on the sender of the SMS message. an alpha or numeric channel. Alpha channel is an official sms channel with a direct connection to telecom operators. with a high spee of sending messages and a high percentage of delivery to all subscribers in the network. You can use your own sender name.

B2B Email List

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To do this. you nee to register the name of the sender. fill in information about the company LLC. OJSC. CJSC. IP. the full name of the company and BM Leads TIN. The channel is recommende for mailings to your customer base. Digital channel an unofficial sms channel with low message costs and unstable delivery rates and possible delays. Mailing through a digital channel does not allow you to use your sender name. The channel is recommende for mass advertising mailings in order to cover a large range of numbers. As soon as we have decide on the sender of SMS messages. we procee to the next step.

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